Ivanka Trump seen stone-faced on camera preparing for day of fighting human trafficking

Ivanka Trump has a charming smile, but make no mistake about it: when there is an issue close to her heart, she can have the glare of a stone-cold killer.

On her way to the White House to discuss human trafficking issues, the press corps noted that icy stare on Ivanka’s face.

Take a look for yourself:

Icy Look

Ivanka Trump has been characterized as everything from a princess to a Barbie doll by the media — but that comparison is simply not fair.

When in public, she is often very accommodating and pleasant, but she is all business behind closed doors.

Those who have come up against her in business — and, more recently, at the White House — have noted that she can be as stubborn as a mule when she’s dealing with something she is passionate about.

That must have been the Ivanka everyone saw on Friday morning as she was preparing for what was no doubt a traumatic meeting about human trafficking problems, many of which occur along our southern border.

Humanitarian Crisis

When Trump speaks of a humanitarian crisis at the border that warrants declaring a national emergency, this is what he’s talking about.

There are thousands of unaccompanied children sent across our weak borders every year. Sadly, far too many of them are part of human trafficking chains set up by criminals and cartels.

These children are not coming here for a better life, but rather a life of enslavement — often of a sexual nature.

This must be addressed, and it must be stopped.

The human trafficking problem at the border due to lax security is a real one, but Democrats have simply refused to acknowledge that. Meanwhile, President Trump has stated that he will use extreme measures if Democrats refuse to add a border wall to the pending federal budget.

With Dems unlikely to cave on the border wall, Trump will more than likely have to declare a national emergency to secure the funding.

While Dems will no doubt kick this to the courts and fight him every step of the way, it will be hard to argue against a border wall when pictures of these children start to show up all over the media.

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