Ivanka Trump shares photo of her glamorous arrival in Peru

Ivanka Trump is once again making her presence known on the world stage and doing so in fantastic fashion.

Ivanka sent everyone into a tizzy when she posted a picture of herself in a floral print dress after touching down in Peru…

Promoting Women

Ivanka Trump has stated from early on in her father’s presidency that she would use this platform to promote successful women in business.

Shortly after arriving in Peru, Ivanka made a quick video announcing what she was doing in Peru.

“I am here in Lima, Peru, for the Summit of the Americas conference, and I am really excited about my first stop, which is the Lima Stock Exchange, where I am going to meet with some incredible women business leaders from right here in Peru,” stated Ivanka Trump.

In addition to supporting these women, Ivanka is also serving as an Ambassador of the Trump administration.

She stated, “I’m extremely excited for my visit and look forward to highlighting the important work that the U.S. government and this administration are doing to empower women economically in the region and elsewhere around the globe.”

More Arrivals

Ivanka was not alone in this trip.

While she was the first to arrive, she will not be the last to represent the administration at the conference.

Her husband, Jared Kushner, as well as Vice President Mike Pence were both scheduled to join her later in the week.

Initially, President Trump was scheduled to make this trip with his daughter rather than the Vice President.

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However, the recent problems in Syria have changed his plans.

President Trump wants to remain at the White House so he can closely monitor the Syrian situation in case more military action is needed.

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