Experts examine, criticize Ivanka Trump’s body language during recent UK visit

We really thought the media had worked out every way possible to attack the Trump family, but they found one more.

So-called body language experts examined footage of Ivanka Trump on the balcony of Buckingham Palace and began spreading rumors that she was being phony during the state visit.


According to the body language “expert,” Ivanka was posing while she was standing on the balcony rather than enjoying the experience.

The expert, Patti Wood, stated it is very clear she was purposely standing that way for still photos. Additionally, she noted Ivanka was not smiling.

Her point was that she was not actually enjoying the moment, but was instead there to show her social status. Wood then went after Ivanka as actually having no place at the state visit.

Her point was that even though she is a Trump advisor, she really does not hold a position that would allow her such an honor.

Wood completely discounts the fact that Ivanka is the daughter of the President of the United States and would more than likely accompany him even if she were not a member of his staff.

Wood sniped, “The placement in the environment does not match the power they should have. This is not normal, but oddly we are watching all this as if it is.”

When Does It End?

Ivanka was clearly at the event as the daughter of the president, not as his advisor.

Wood seems to overlook the fact every member of the family was there except for Barron, who stayed behind to attend classes.

This is not about power or looking good for the cameras for Ivanka.

In all likelihood, she was a bit overwhelmed realizing she was standing in a spot that very few Americans have ever stood.

It really is a shame that a woman who has displayed nothing but grace and good manners, and who openly fights for the rights of both women and minorities is ridiculed on such a grand scale.

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