Ivanka Trump will stay at White House, won’t take World Bank job as reported

With World Bank president Jim Young Kim stepping down, there were several reports that Ivanka Trump was being considered as his replacement.

The White House shut down those rumors quickly, issuing a report stating those rumors are just flat out “false.”

Jessica Ditto, the White House Deputy Director of Communications, stated, “Reports that she is under consideration are false.”

Rumors Running Rampant

The Financial Times was the first to break the story, then it just took on a life of its own.

Immediately, members of the media started to once again accuse President Donald Trump of using his office for his own family’s personal gain.

The same innuendoes were being made when Nikki Haley stepped down.

Ivanka was apparently recommended for the ambassadorship by several people, but Trump did not move forward with her appointment because of the cries of nepotism.

The Real Story

Generally, the World Bank president would be someone with a significant background in business, finance, and banking.

While Ivanka Trump has run her own business, it is fairly safe to assume being the president of the World Bank would be a bit of an ambitious appointment.

Apparently, Ivanka was never actually in the running for the position.

She was, however, asked to help in the search for a replacement for Jim Young Kim by Steven Mnuchin, Treasury Secretary, and Trump’s acting chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney.

This makes far more sense, as one of Ivanka’s duties in her role as a presidential advisor has been to work with the leadership of the World Bank.

It should also be noted, the United States does not technically get to pick the president of the bank.

The recommendation of the United States is taken very seriously but ultimately, the bank’s board has to approve the nominee.

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This is yet another example of liberal media outlets creating fake news for the sake of creating problems for President Trump.

Will we see a retraction of the story? Fairly unlikely.

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