Ivanka Trump says President Trump is ‘energized’ after impeachment

Nobody could blame President Donald Trump if he decided to pack it up and walk away after the relentless attacks against his character over the last several years.

However, that is not the case, per Ivanka Trump, who confirmed the rumors that her father is “energized” by the impeachment effort. Watch:

Making history

The Trump impeachment is history in the marking for all the wrong reasons. For the first time in the history of our country, we have a completely partisan vote to impeach a president.

In fact, two Democrats abandoned the party line and voted with Republicans to block the impeachment.

More than a few neutral constitutional experts believe the Democrats are abusing their power. The Democrats have also failed to convince Americans, with impeachment support declining with every passing day.

There simply is no longer the desire, overall, to have Trump removed from office via impeachment. In an interview with CBS on Thursday, Ivanka said, “He’s energized, as are 63 million-plus voters who elected him to office.”

Energizing the movement

For all intents and purposes, Donald Trump has been under investigation and at risk for a partisan impeachment effort since he won the nomination.

It was in that moment that Democrats started putting the pieces in play to remove him from office. First, it was the Mueller investigation, which failed. Then there were bribery accusations in connection to the Ukraine narrative, but that also fell apart.

In the end, Democrats decided “abuse of power” and “obstruction of Congress” was the way to go, but Americans are not buying it, and neither is Trump.

Instead of getting beat down, Trump is energized to fight back. Ivanka said that after the vote took place, the President stated that he did not even feel like he had been impeached. Technically, the President is right, because until the verdict comes in from the Senate, this is completely up in the air.

Knowing the impeachment will not make it through the Senate, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is holding the articles of impeachment up, even though the Constitution clearly states the articles need to be passed to the Senate for the trial. Pelosi believes by holding the articles she can get Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to capitulate to her demands, but that is not likely to happen.

If Trump can remain patient and not make a major misstep, this impeachment is doomed and everyone, including Democrats, knows it.

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