Ivanka Trump joins Mike Pence to tour Operation New Hope facilities

Prison reform has been a major focus of Ivanka Trump during this administration.

As such, Ivanka Trump was delighted to leave D.C. and join Vice President Mike Pence on a trip to Jacksonville, FL to tour the Operation New Hope facility, as well as local companies pledging to support programs like this one.

Operation New Hope

Under the Obama administration, prison reform seemed to be more about letting prisoners out of jail early than anything else.

This administration has taken a severely different approach in the hopes of those prisoners never going back to prison. During the trip, Pence said that far too many prisoners getting out of jail return within less than a year.

To fight this epidemic, the Trump administration is working with companies throughout the country to train and hire former prisoners to offer them a pathway to a better life.

Operation New Hope works hand-in-hand with businesses in local communities to do exactly that.

Real Prison Reform

Sadly, far too many people in this country living in poorer communities accept their “fate” rather than work for a better life.

This is a problem that stretches to all races in this country, although Democrats would have everyone believe it is only a problem in minority communities.

The crime rates in these communities are absurd, with many of these individuals ending up in prison. When they get out, they repeat the process until they end up in prison for life — or dead — in the process.

Rather than merely emptying out prisons of less violent criminals or simply refusing to prosecute certain crimes, the Trump administration is actually investing in these individuals to give them another option other than a future of crime and prison.

The tax cuts received by corporations are also making this possible. Ivanka and Pence visited Miller Electric, a participant in this effort solely because the company was able to expand operations from the tax cuts received.

While Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden claim that only the top one percent and corporations benefited from these cuts, the former prisoners now working at Miller Electric might beg to differ.

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