Ivanka says her father taught her to be brave and ‘think big’

The liberal media has always tried to paint an ugly narrative to the relationship our president has with his daughter, but that could not be further from the truth.

Ivanka shed more light on the relationship she has with her father as well as how supportive he has been throughout her career, stating, “My father has taught me to be brave, to think big, and always do what I feel is right.”

Constant Encouragement

It is no secret Donald Trump is very proud of his children, especially his daughter Ivanka.

While a controversial decision at the time, the President did not hesitate for a second to make his daughter part of his administration.

As a proven business woman, President Trump had every confidence she would represent both he and our country properly on the world stage.

At the age of 36, she has already accomplished more than most women her age.

No doubt, much of that success comes from the support and guidance of her father.

“He has taught me to stay focused on the work that lies ahead of me and never give up, “Ivanka stated of her father.


The President could not have picked a better ambassador for our country for the Summit of Americas conference.

Celebrating and promoting economic empowerment for women, who better than one of our most successful female entrepreneurs to represent America.

Wrong Focus

Rather than focus on her accomplishments, the media continues to treat her like she is a walking fashion show.

While Ivanka has looked absolutely stunning everywhere she goes, the liberal media cannot help itself.

Since they have nothing positive to say about her accomplishments, the media thinks shaming her choice of wardrobe will somehow make conservative Americans dislike her.

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But, as usual, they are wrong and focused on the wrong things.

Keep worrying about the way she looks, because we are more than delighted by her accomplishments as she stands tall next to our President.

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