Ivanka Trump leaves Washington for Alabama trip in wake of ‘Sharpie-Gate’ furor

There have been countless media-manufactured “scandals” over the course of President Donald Trump’s tenure thus far, though arguably none more ridiculous than “#SharpieGate,” the absurd media freak out over Trump’s inclusion of Alabama as being among the states that needed to keep a close watch on Hurricane Dorian as it approached the southeastern U.S. coast.

Now the president’s eldest daughter, Ivanka Trump, has been roped into that ridiculous hubbub after it was announced that she would soon be traveling without the president or her husband to Alabama to visit an advanced technology park where she will highlight the workforce development and job opportunities it provides statewide.

Ivanka Trump dragged into media scrum

Newsweek, a once-reputable news source that is now seemingly devoted entirely to reporting negatively on the president, shared the news of Ivanka’s planned Alabama visit and put a spotlight on the snarky replies to the announcement she received from smug liberals on Twitter.

The overt bias of the anti-Trump outlet was made crystal clear in the headline of the piece as it essentially accused Ivanka of reigniting the #SharpieGate controversy, even as she herself had made no reference to it whatsoever.

Instead, Trump had simply tweeted, “I look forward to visiting Alabama on Tuesday!” and linked to an article from AL.com that provided fair and straightforward coverage about the scheduled visit.

Pure, unadulterated hatred

The replies to Trump’s tweet, however, were decidedly unfair, and there was no mistaking the disrespect and hostility those commenters displayed toward the first daughter and her father, an attitude that Newsweek clearly shares. It is worth noting that many of the biting replies came from verified, “blue check” journalists and other prominent figures.

The leftist gossip rag, which is all Newsweek amounts to anymore, quoted commenters who snidely asked if Ivanka planned to bring a Sharpie with her, a nod to the accusation that President Trump himself used a Sharpie to modify an official map displaying the projected potential paths of Dorian to include the southeastern portion of Alabama.

Others sarcastically remarked that the state had already suffered enough, what with the devastation of the hurricane that never actually hit the state, while still others chastised her for visiting Alabama and not the Bahamas, which had in fact been devastated by the powerful storm.

Workforce development, apprenticeships, and jobs

It wasn’t until the final two paragraphs of the 16-paragraph article that Newsweek actually referenced in a serious manner to the actual news in all of this — Ivanka’s trip to the Decatur-based Alabama Robotics Technology Park.

According to Huntsville CBS affiliate WHNT, the first daughter intends to celebrate the expansion of a workforce development and apprenticeship opportunity program statewide, a key focus of her role as an adviser to the president.

Ivanka Trump is doing a good thing in Alabama by bringing attention to something important that will be beneficial to the economy as a whole and will provide good jobs for people in the state.

Such good news is unacceptable to the Trump-haters at Newsweek, though, so it had to be couched — really, added as an afterthought — to an utter non-story that served as a vehicle for unnecessary and spiteful attacks on the first daughter.

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