'It's over,' top pollster says of race for 2024 Republican nomination

January 16, 2024
World Net Daily

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The race for the Republican nomination for the 2024 presidential election is over.

That's according to Scott Rasmussen, described in a Just the News report as a "prominent pollster and political analyst."

The comments followed Monday's landslide victory for President Donald Trump in the party caucuses in Iowa. He won 98 of the 99 counties, and reportedly lost that single, and left-leaning, county by a single vote.

According to the president, Rasmussen told "John Solomon Reports" that, "The race is over."

"You know, if it had been Trump with 40, DeSantis with 30, and Haley with 20, well, then I can say maybe something's going on here. But there's no clear second choice."

The results saw Trump finishing with 51% of the vote, with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis at 21.2% and former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley at 19.2%.

"Not only was it that the former president topped 50%, there was no clear second place," Rasmussen explained.

Trump's margin of victory was the largest in Iowa GOP history said.

"According to Rasmussen, a big issue for voters in upcoming primary states is going to be securing the southern U.S. border, which was a big campaign issue that Trump ran on in 2016," the report said.

Rasmussen noted, "We think of national security as what happens overseas and foreign policy matters. But truthfully, it's right here at home. So that's where it was with these voters. I think there's also a frustration that the elite politicians just aren't treating this seriously."

Joe Biden, on taking office, canceled all of the border security plans that had been implemented by President Trump, including his border wall construction, his requirement that those seeking asylum wait in Mexico for a decision, and more.

Further, the messaging from the Biden administration was that the nation's southern border was open and anyone who came would be eligible for financial and social benefits.

So millions have since arrived, overburdening even those cities that claimed to be "sanctuary" zones for illegal aliens.

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