‘It’s coming here’: Immigrant who escaped Mao’s dictatorship warns U.S.

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

An immigrant to America who escaped Mao’s dictatorship in China has participated in a Fox News panel discussion, issuing a blunt warning to Americans.

It’s coming here.

The comments are from Xi Van Fleet, who appeared on Fox News during a panel discussion regarding schools and other issues with host Ainsley Earhardt.

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The topic was what they wanted to warn Americans about, regarding the recent cultural appropriation of American schools to promote racist ideologies like Critical Race Theory and the like.

Van Fleet was blunt:

“Very simple. I do not want to live under communism again. I escaped it. But it’s coming here,” she warned. “It’s coming to America. People need to wake up.

“What’s going on here is a communist takeover. Why education? Because education is the front line of the battlefield. … It is an issue between Marxism and Americanism.”

Schools have, in fact, been ground zero for many of the battles going on.

Leftist teachers’ unions along with progressive school boards have been changing American education into a camp of specific ideologies that must be accepted and promoted in order to avoid being attacked.

For example, the Joe Biden administration has been classifying and treating parents who attend school board meetings to express their objections to extremist ideologies as domestic terrorists.

Biden himself has labeled conservatives across America as “semi-fascists.”

Asked for an example of the problems she sees, Van Fleet didn’t hesitate: “Ideologies.”

She recalled during Mao’s Cultural Revolution, “In school, we learned ideology first. We learned very little about academic subjects and tests were banned.”

Her description aligns with many of the agendas being pursued now in American schools.

Another panel participant, Fred Rege of Loudon County, Virginia, said, “I want my daughters to have the same America that I had growing up. I want them to have the same opportunities. … I got one job, Ainsley. … I want them to be free, to be judged by the content of their character and on their merit, not because they’re black.”

He recalled his daughter telling him, “Just don’t get canceled.”

“They’re coming after our kids,” warned Darrin Hess, another panel participant.

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