Italian police report: Libyan migrants threw Christians overboard

You know those migrants Democrats want to open our border to?

Well, a group of them just threw a dozen Christian passengers overboard during an escape voyage from Libya to Italy. 

The Journey

A group of 105 people got on a boat in Libya to find greener pastures.

The boat was headed to Italy.

According to the report, a group of more than a dozen Muslims passengers were angered because there were Christians on the boat with them.

The group started to throw the Christians overboard.

The only reason the terror stopped was because the rest of the passengers formed a wall to stand up to the murderers.

The police report stated the Muslims in question were from Senegal, Mali, and the Ivory Coast.

The boat carrying the passengers was found by an Italian Navy ship.

After rescuing the passengers, the Italian Navy transferred the passengers to a Panamanian ship.

That boat continued on to Palermo, where it was met by Italian Police.

It would appear as though the other passengers informed someone on that ship as to the atrocity that took place at sea, because 15 individuals were arrested when the ship docked.

The Liberal Narrative


The Italian Coast Guard reported more than 10,000 migrants have come to their shores in a little more than week!

The conditions of these countries are so bad people literally risk their lives to get out.

The International Organization for Migration has reported more than 3,000 people have died making this journey during the last year.

But, even after leaving such horrid conditions, they come to our country and complain about it.

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For some reason, liberals are bending over backwards to appease them, trying to turn our country into theirs.

It simply makes no sense.

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