Italian man who killed robbers to protect wife receives 13 years in prison

The Second Amendment-protected right to keep and bear arms and the associated notion of an inherent right to self-defense are things that far too many Americans take for granted and a great many foreigners — who enjoy no such guaranteed rights in their respective countries — can only dream of having.

That appears to be the case for an Italian business owner who was just sentenced to 13 years in prison for the shooting deaths of two robbers who had threatened his wife while holding up his jewelry store, Breitbart reported.

Robbery thwarted by deadly force

It was in February 2008 when three men broke into a jewelry store in Nicolosi, Italy owned by Guido Gianni. The intruders appeared to be armed, and they threatened to kill Gianni’s wife, Mariangela Di Stefano, while in the process of attempting to rob the store.

Gianni, who had been working in a back room of the store, emerged holding a 9mm handgun and fired off warning shots to dissuade the robbers from continuing their crime.

Unfortunately, that only caused the criminals to attack Gianni and, during the ensuing physical scuffle, resulted in his firing more shots at the robbers, killing two and wounding the third.

13-year sentence

Now, 11 years after the incident, Gianni was just sentenced to 13 years in prison for double murder and attempted murder of the robbers, and he was ordered to pay compensation to the families of the two deceased individuals.

During the trial, it was alleged, based on “forensic and ballistic experts,” that Gianni had fired upon the three individuals as they were attempting to flee the store.

On top of that, it was revealed that the gun the robbers had used had been a fake replica. However, given the fact that the colored tip signifying as much had been removed prior to the robbery, Gianni had no way of knowing at the moment that the gun used to threaten the life of his wife wasn’t real.

A travesty of justice

Gianni’s lawyer, Michele Liuzzo, told Italian media that, knowing what the ultimate sentence turned out to be, Gianni would have preferred to have been serving his time in prison during the duration of the lengthy trial rather than wait to begin “a second nightmare” so many years later.

“I’m very, very angry and disappointed — disappointed in the law,” the jeweler’s wife said of the verdict and sentencing. “This is not justice — my husband is an honest man. These thieves attacked me. They were hurting me. They wanted to kill me, and he is at fault for defending me.”

It also appears that Gianni, who had argued that he acted solely acted in self-defense, has the support of Italy’s right-leaning former Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini, who proclaimed the sentence received was shameful.

“Defense is always legitimate!” he said. “Italian ‘justice’ condemns the jeweler attacked in Sicily, [and] his wife threatened with death — I am with those who defend themselves, always.”

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