'It Cannot Go on Like it is': Senator Urges Hillary Prosecution

May 16, 2023
World Net Daily

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Special Counsel John Durham filed charges against three individuals over the Deep State-Democrat conspiracy that fabricated Russia collusion charges against President Trump – and his final report indicates there won't be any more court cases.

But that's not satisfying some who argue the deliberate decision to interfere in an American presidential election deserves something more.

In fact, U.S. Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., is calling for those prosecutions, including that of Hillary Clinton.

His comments, to Fox News, were reported by the Gateway Pundit:

"There needs to be a lot more than reports, Jesse. People need to be prosecuted for this. The Clinton campaign and Hillary Clinton herself. Is it any coincidence that she is tweeting about collusion at exactly the same time her campaign operatives are feeding this BS to the FBI? I don’t think so. There needs to be consequences for her and also for the FBI," he said.

Describing the FBI leadership as corrupt and needing to be changed, he added, "We’ve got to get justice here, and justice needs to be served. You can’t interfere in a presidential election without consequences. At least you couldn’t, you used to not be able to in America. And that’s what happened here. That’s what this report shows. That one political party, the Democrats, tried to use the FBI to rig a presidential election and just about got away with it. They succeeded in getting the FBI to intervene. They succeeded in getting the FBI to lie to a court to get wiretaps. They succeeded in getting a presidential campaign Donald Trump’s campaign spied on. I mean, it’s amazing. If there’s something like this in American history, I don’t know what it is. And that’s why I say there needs to be prosecutions. There needs to be accountability. And the FBI has got to be overhauled now, top to bottom. It’s got to be completely reformed. It cannot go on like it is."

A commentary at Twitchy pointed out that Catherine Herridge "dropped this mini-nuke" on Hillary Clinton.

The commentary said, "Hillary Clinton was desperate. And her team didn't want us focused on how corrupt she really was (is) so they cooked up some Trump corruption. Crazy but that's what it says."

Constitutional expert Jonathan Turley took to social media to comment about Clinton.

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