Issa: Recall ‘inevitable’ if Newsom doesn’t take complaints ‘very, very seriously’

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D), who is certainly no friend of President Donald Trump, could be in for a rough year after Californians strike back in the wake of his draconian, arbitrary, unusually harsh COVID-19 lockdown rules.

Rep.-elect Darrell Issa (R-CA) warned his fellow California colleague that if he doesn’t take the current recall efforts seriously, he’ll be in for a rude awakening, just like former Gov. Gray Davis, who was recalled in 2003. 

Warnings issued

Newsom hasn’t had the best public relations record over the course of 2020, with his COVID-19 lockdowns and then getting caught dining out at one of the most expensive, luxurious restaurants in the nation while he instructed California residents to stay home.

That’s not to mention the embarrassing problems that the state faces with ongoing power shortages. The closure of thousands of small businesses and rising crime in some of the state’s once-wonderful cities has gained national attention on more than one occasion. On top of that, the Democratic governor also signed off on AB5, a poorly-written, job-killing bill that essentially outlawed many forms of freelancing and independent contracting, angering Californians of all stripes.

“There’s huge building momentum, and you saw it with both in and out of state support for the recall,” Issa said during an interview on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends,” Breitbart reported. “I think if he doesn’t take this very, very seriously, a recall is inevitable.”

Issa was referring to a recall effort that, according to the Los Angeles Times, was launched earlier this year, and gained traction after a number of Republican consultants and fundraisers joined the cause. Issa also played a role in the successful recall of Gov. Davis, donating around $2 million to the cause.

Another warning for Newsom came from Garry South, a former chief political strategist for the recalled former Gov. Davis. “Don’t just ignore it or engage in wishful thinking that it won’t qualify for the ballot,” South said.

The recall process

According to NBC News, a campaign known as “Recall Gavin 2020” has garnered over half of the signatures it needs to trigger a special recall election. The signatures total around 844,000 so far, according to the leader of the effort, Orrin Heatlie.

“He has done this to himself,” Heatlie said. “We wouldn’t have been as successful as we’ve been if it weren’t for Gavin Newsom.”

To take the recall efforts to the next level, Heatlie will need to gather about 1.5 million signatures in total, by the middle of March 2021, with plenty of padding on top of that due to the inevitability that a number of signatures will be disqualified and invalidated.

Newsom’s spokesman, Dan Newman, insisted that the recall efforts are purely a political distraction by a “ragtag crew of pro-Trump, anti-vaccine extremists, along with some ambitious Republican politicians who would like to be governor.”

That kind of thinking is exactly what Issa and South are warning Newsom about. Not taking this growing recall effort seriously could be exactly what ends up taking Newsom out of the governor’s mansion, if we can all be so lucky.

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