Fox News’ Bret Baier: Israeli strikes against Iranian targets is a huge, under-reported story

Fox News anchor Bret Baier just dropped a truth bomb on Americans.

After Israel led a massive air strike against Iranian targets in Syria, Baier stated it was a “huge story” that is being “under-reported.”–1nSL3hC8

No Positive Headlines

One of the biggest complaints conservatives have these days against the mainstream media is they simply refuse to put out positive headlines when it comes to President Trump.

It is part of their effort to prevent Americans from learning the truth.

A secondary, but no less important, result is that they are trying to prevent Trump from getting enough backing to win a second term.

But at what expense?

This attack by Israel was important on so many different levels, but the media is simply not telling the story.

Why So Important?

Israel has not had a true partner in the White House in decades.

Proof of that is in how long it has taken Israel to conduct such a bold move against its enemies.

When was the last time Israel launched such a massive attack?

How about 1973?

Times Change

Netanyahu made a lot of enemies with other world leaders when he stood by Trump’s side during the election.

Liberals went after him with everything they had, but he stood tall and did not back down.

Why? Because he knew if Trump took over the White House, his country would finally have the backing it needed to assert itself.

When Obama was in office, there is simply no way Israel would have launched an offensive like this simply because nobody had its back.

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Baier knows this attack is probably going to escalate the Middle East situation, but it could also bring it to a close much sooner than anyone ever thought.

Sadly, most Americans have no idea it is even happening because the liberal media refuses to report it other than a quick blurb buried on the back pages or deep inside websites just so they can say it was covered.

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