Israeli air strike kills 10 Syrian fighters

The war between Israel and Syria is once again at full throttle.

Over the weekend, Israel responded to an attack in the Golan Heights by launching an air strike that is believed to have taken out at least 10 foreign fighters.


While we have not seen Israel initiate any attacks recently, the country has proven it is not afraid to retaliate against Syria when it is attacked first.

Late Saturday, reports started to surface that there had been an attack into the Golan Heights. Israel stated one rocket was “located within Israeli territory.” On Sunday, Israel retaliated with a strike of its own.

The Israeli Army conducted an air strike against “two Syrian artillery batteries, a number of observation and intelligence posts on the Golan Heights, and an SA-2 aerial defense battery.”

Reports stated that three Syrian soldiers were killed in the attack. Additionally, seven more foreign fighters also lost their lives.

Ordering the Strike

Israel will no doubt come under fire since there were no casualties in the initial strike.

That is not the point, however, according to PM Netanyahu. Netanyahu jumped right out in front to take responsibility for the strike.

He stated, “We won’t tolerate fire at our territory and will respond forcefully to any aggression against us.”

The posturing by Israel has been considerably more forceful since Donald Trump took office.

Netanyahu is no doubt energized by the fact he knows that there now is a president in office that will back him up as a cherished ally of the United States.

Israel is determined to prevent Iran from taking a foothold in Syria and will continue to defend itself aggressively as long as that danger lurks.

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