Israel responds to Palestinian rockets with dozens of airstrikes: Report

While most Americans were watching the Kentucky Derby on Saturday, Israel and Palestine were exchanging fire.

According to reports, after Palestinian militants launched more than 250 rockets on Israel, Israel responded with dozens of strikes of its own.

Casualties of War

Sadly, the only reported deaths on either side of this latest flare-up in the Middle East were innocent civilians.

Gaza’s Health Ministry reported that a small child and her pregnant mother were both killed from Israeli rockets.

“They were sitting at the yard in their house with their mother,” a neighbor said. “They were shocked by a missile landing on them.”

The Health Ministry also claimed a 22-year-old Palestinian male was killed in the bombings.

According to Israeli officials, several injuries to local citizens happened as a direct result of the bombings, including an 80-year-old man, a 50-year-old man, and a young boy.

The United States has already condemned the assault by the Hamas against the people of Israel.

The United Nations has also chimed in, demanding a de-escalation in activity and calling for both sides to come back to the table to negotiate in good faith.

Ceasefire Collapse

While all of this was going on, leaders of the Hamas were in discussions trying to save a collapsing ceasefire with Egyptian officials.

The strikes also took place during an important week for Israel; the nation is celebrating its Memorial and Independence Day celebrations.

Additionally, a massive Eurovision song contest was to take place this week.

But the unexpected fighting could put all of that in jeopardy, as tourists are far less likely to visit with tempers flaring again.

This latest flurry of activity is the first tension we have seen between Israel and Hamas since a March truce was brokered by Egypt.

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