Israel Launches Airstrikes Against Iranian Base in Syria, Preventing Iranian Attack

Only hours after President Trump pulled America out of the Iranian nuclear deal, missiles started to fly.

Syrian media has reported on Tuesday, Israel launched an air strike on an Iranian military outpost near Damascus.

Iranian Activity

Based on several reports, it appears Israel noticed significant activity from the Iranians on the ground in the aftermath of the Trump announcement.

A report came across Twitter the Israeli IDF had noticed, “unusual movements of Iranian forces in Syria.”

Israel then warned its people in the Golan Heights to prepare bomb shelters for use.

Air Strike Hits Its Target

Not long after that warning was issued, reports of an air strike started to dominate the internet.

At first, there were just sounds of explosions reported, then more detail started to come to light.

The Associated Press reported two missiles had been shot down by the Israelis.

However, Israel, as of this writing, has yet to confirm or deny the strike.


While Israel is not saying a word, Iran has not been so shy.

Iranian leadership has said it will retaliate for the attack.

In addition to this attack, Iran is looking for revenge from an attack against an air base last month.

That attack reportedly killed seven Iranian military personnel.

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There was also an attack in north Syria, for which Iran holds Israel responsible.

Reportedly, more than a dozen pro-government fighters were killed in that attack.

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