Israel Defense Forces destroy Hamas ‘terror tunnel’ (PHOTOS)

Israel is a state under attack. Every day, brave Israeli men and women defend their people against enemies who wish to kill, maim, and destroy them.

When it comes to defending themselves, they’re good at it. Very good.

On Saturday night, the Israeli air force destroyed a tunnel built by Hamas terrorists just meters before it reached the Israeli border. 

Good for them.

Not so fast, Hamas

According to the Jerusalem Post:

“The tunnel, which Hamas dug in the security parameter, originated in Beit Hanun and stretched over a kilometer, and was intended to reach Israeli communities, such as Kibbutz Erez.”

The Post goes on to mention:

“The tunnel was destroyed following weeks of surveillance. It was the ninth tunnel to be located with advanced technology, which pinpointed its exact location, as part of Israel’s commitment to destroy all underground terrorist infrastructure.”

It sure seems like Hamas really wants to tunnel into Israel for some reason.

Here’s a hint: they aren’t coming to deliver flowers.

They don’t come in peace. And the bleeding heart liberals who love to hate on Israel and support the Palestinian terrorists will never know what it’s like to have people literally digging tunnels underground to get at you and kill you.

Anyone that criticizes Israel and praises the Palestinians should ask themselves whether they’re OK with innocent civilians being attacked.

Check out some of the pictures below:

God bless Israel. God bless the men and women of the Israeli defense forces who keep their people safe.

And God bless President Trump for supporting the brave Israelis.

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