Report: Special Forces have ISIS fighters in retreat in Afghanistan

As it turns out, Trump and Hillary do have something in common… their enemies are showing up dead.

The difference is Trump’s main enemy is ISIS, and he is using the military to end their existence, killing 22 ISIS fighters over the weekend.

Something Special

After the chemical weapons attack in Syria, it was a pretty safe assumption Trump was going to get some payback.

On Friday night, a joint strike was conducted by the United States, France, and the UK.

In addition to the missile strike, U.S. military forces conducted a strike with Afghan special forces.

If reports are accurate, almost two dozen ISIS fighters have just been sent to meet their maker.

It Was Time

Almost a year ago, the United States dropped a massive bomb on the Nanghar province.

At the time of the attack, it was the largest non-nuclear strike conducted by the United States.

While the strike devastated enemy troops, their count has since just about doubled.

That being the case, it was once again time to start thinning the herd before their numbers grow too large.


Army General John Nicholson is confident we once again have ISIS on the brink of defeat.

Gen. Nicholson stated, “The recent Afghan and U.S. special operations raid will lead to the tactical defeat of IS-K in northern Afghanistan.”

“Pockets of former Taliban fighters may claim allegiance to IS-K, but they are isolated and losing. We have them on the defensive. They will not win,” Nicholson added.

After the most recent raid, it is believed that close to 100 hundred ISIS fighters have been taken out.

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While this is great news, the war is clearly not over.

The Trump administration, while not happy still having our troops deployed, is dedicated to ending ISIS so they never pose a threat to America and have the capability of pulling off an attack such as the one that occurred on 9/11 ever again.

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