ISIS calls for bull's-eye on anyone working with U.S., Israel

October 8, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A new report from the Middle East Media Research Institute has documented how a new editorial attributed to ISIS is putting a bull's-eye on any nation, any people, that work with the United States or Israel.

The organization's Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor report said the commentary was titled "Brothers of the Normalizers" and disparaged nationalist and Islamist movements that condemn normalization with Israel but don't also attack the people involved – the "normalizers."

It cited a Muslim "loyalty and disavowal creed that, the editorial in Issue 410 of Al-Naba',' the group's newsletter, said, "requires Muslims to disavow not only Zionists, but all Jews, Christians, and even Muslims who normalize relations with Israel, without distinction."

The latter group would include, the editorial insisted, "Emiratis, Saudis, Turks, and Qataris, as well as the Afghan Taliban and al-Qaida."

"It dismissed any distinction between so-called 'hilal normalization' and 'haram normalization,'" the report explained.

"Illustrating the inconsistency," the editorial wrote, "You find many people criticizing Emirati and Saudi 'normalization' while withholding from criticizing Turkish and Qatari 'normalization' even though this is more dangerous and malign."

It highlighted an absence of criticism over a recent meeting between Turkish President Erdogan and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

It charged that "normalizing" with Christians "is just as bad as normalizing relations with Jews," since Christianity and Judaism are "antagonistic religions," it said.

It blasted the Afghan Taliban for working with "Crusader America" as well as China, Russia, and Iran.

"As for al-Qaida, the editorial criticized the group for 'condemning democracy, but not condemning democrats,' and for 'condemning parliaments, but not condemning parliamentarians,'" the report said.

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