ISIS 'brides' left 'in limbo,' can't return home

May 21, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Women who chose to travel to the Middle East to become ISIS "brides" now are suing to be allowed to return to their homes in Australia.

A report from Daily Mail Australia documents that those women "trapped in northeastern Syria" are considering legal action against the Australian government, which they blame for leaving them "in limbo."

The group involves about 40 women, who mostly lost their Australian passports after traveling to ISIS-controlled Syria, and their children.

Anthony Albanese, the Australian prime minister, worked to bring home one group of "ISIS brides" last year and said the government would return for the rest, but the Saturday Telegraph explained those travel details have remained unaddressed.

A relative of one of those involved is claiming, "(The government) have been indicating they want to bring them back but without providing any kind of timeline because now 'is not a good time.'"

The legal action being proposed suggests the women and children are being "detained" by the Australian government, by not providing them with travel and accommodations.

The strategy would work this way: If the case is successfully filed, the women would be required to appear in court. And that appearance would be in Australia, so their returns would be assured.

In a commentary at JihadWatch, Islam expert Robert Spencer explained, "Many of these women are convinced jihadis who have also indoctrinated their children into the jihad ideology. But what could possibly go wrong? Australia will be so much more vibrant and diverse once they return."

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