ISIS bombs Afghani wedding, killing at least 63 people

Over the weekend, another horrifying and senseless attack was carried out by ISIS.

A suicide bomber set the tragedy in motion during a local Afghani couple’s wedding, killing at least 63 people, with more than 180 others wounded.

Vicious Attack

These types of bombings prove just how cowardly ISIS is. In this case, hundreds of locals had gathered for a wedding and reception, never even thinking their life was at risk.

Typically, these weddings are considerably larger than a traditional American wedding. In most cases, these weddings will exceed 500 people. In this case, there were more than 1,200 guests, providing a target-rich environment for the terrorists.

Pictures were released after the bomb went off at the catering hall where the attack took place, and virtually every window was blown out as well as most of the ceiling tiles.

The floor of the room was flooded with blood from the victims, a truly horrific scene. ISIS quickly claimed credit for the attack while the Taliban immediately condemned it.

Peace Negotiations Underway

For months now, the United States has been negotiating with the Taliban for a peace treaty. One of the key aspects of the deal is a scheduled withdrawal of U.S. troops from the area.

The Taliban has stated it will not negotiate for peace with the Afghanistan government until this is in place.

For that concession, the Taliban will guarantee the U.S. that Afghanistan will not be used to train terrorists wishing to carry out attacks against America.

The question, however, is if the Taliban can be trusted to honor the agreement. After all, it was only last week when the Taliban carried out an attack at a local police station.

In that attack, more than a dozen people lost their lives with almost 200 people being reported injured.

The Taliban needs to promise to do more than just prevent ISIS from training in Afghanistan; they need to promise to eliminate the terror group altogether.

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