ISIS announces death of top Sinai leader

A high-value ISIS target is dead.

According to reports, ISIS Commander Abou Jaafar al-Maqdesi has been killed.

No Details

While the terrorist organization did confirm the death of one of its top leaders, they did not go into detail as to how this happened.

However, there was a recent attack by Egyptian military forces that may have been responsible.

In recent months, Egypt has been launching relentless attacks against ISSI forces occupying the Sinai peninsula.

This week, however, has seen heightened activity with several clashes reporting mass casualties.

Local sources reported al-Maqdesi was part of an ISIS group that had recently infiltrated Sinai.

With those recent conflicts reportedly claiming the lives of several ISIS leaders, it would make sense this is where al-Maqdesi had been killed.

Uptick in Resistance

President Donald Trump has made it very clear if other countries want to continue to receive aid from the United States, they are going to have to start chipping in more.

While not confirmed, the uptick in resistance from Egypt coincided with Trump tightening up the clamps on U.S. aid abroad.

In 2017, Egypt received $1.42 billion in aid from the United States.

For 2018, Egypt has requested another $1.38 billion.

Of that $1.38 billion, $1.3 billion is earmarked for military use.

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Additionally, $75 million is meant for local economic support, something Trump had stated he might cut in upcoming years.

With that much money on the line, it would behoove them to heed Trump’s warning about stepping up their efforts.

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