State Rep. Isela Blanc arrested while protesting against Trump’s DACA decision

How far will Democrats go to prove they worry more about undocumented immigrants than they do actual U.S. citizens?

In the case of State Rep. Isela Blanc, she was willing to be drug off and arrested during a March DACA protest.

Making a Point

Blanc was not happy at all when President Trump first announced he was going to end DACA.

His statement had liberals and elected Democrats up in arms.

Soon after, protests started to break out, one of which Blanc took part in.

You see, Blanc came into this country illegally, and is not ashamed to tell anyone her story.

She stated, “I’m not embarrassed about the fact that I was undocumented.”

“I frankly got tired of people is this state [Arizona] – in particular, Republicans – telling my story, calling me a criminal, demonizing who we are and what we represent,” Blanc continued.

To make her point even further, she joined the protesters in DC and ended up in jail right next to them.

After her arrest, Blanc tried to justify her actions stating:

“I’ve been undocumented, I know the fear and anxiety Dreamers feel. I’m also an elected official, so I know what it means to reach the American Dream, which is all they want. I have a moral obligation to fight for them.”


And that is where Blanc gets it all wrong.

She was not elected to represent undocumented immigrants.

She was elected to represent the people in her state that voted for her… and last time I checked, undocumented immigrants are not allowed to vote.


Restricting our borders is not something Donald Trump dreamed up on his own.

The first immigration laws in the United States were passed in the late 1800s.

There are several pieces of legislation written during that time specifically restricting how people could enter the country and who could enter the country.

Trump’s complaint about making sure people entering our country now be able to contribute to our country was also echoed in that legislation.

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What is even more insulting than this elected representative taking such a stand is the fact her arrest was buried so deep in the headlines, it is now two months later and people still have no idea it actually happened.

It is just more of the liberal media covering up news they don’t want to get out so they can continue to spread their own narratives attacking Donald Trump.

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