Is Pelosi leaving the door open for impeachment?

For weeks, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has been saying she does not support the impeachment of Donald Trump.

But on Tuesday, the speaker seemed to shift her stance, telling reporters, “Impeachment is not on the table until it is on the table.”

Cryptic Words

Frustration in the Democratic party is running rampant right now. Virtually everyone in the party is trying to find some way to save face over the Mueller report.

While most pundits expected the Mueller report to end any thoughts of impeachment, it seems to be taking on a new life.

Freshman Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) has continued her efforts to get some type of momentum behind her movement to impeach Trump.

Up to this point, Pelosi had tried to dissuade her fellow Democrats from introducing impeachment papers, but she may be making a shift again.

Her cryptic comment leads us to believe if someone makes a decent enough case, she will actually entertain the idea of trying to impeach Trump.

Not Going to Happen

As it stands right now, the Democrats have no chance of impeaching the president.

With collusion finally out of the way, they are grasping at straws in an effort to gain some momentum for the 2020 elections.

It is becoming painfully clear that other than helping illegal immigrants and giving things away for free, the Democrats really don’t have much of an actual platform. This is the same recipe that failed them in 2016.

Democrats are only against Trump, that is all they really know. It did not work for them in 2016 and it will not work for them in 2020, either.

Nancy Pelosi would be better served to put together an actual platform than by continuing to allow the extremists in her party to run the show.

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