2 Islamic State fighters killed in Iraqi airstrikes

Thanks to more than a decade of training from United States troops, the Iraqi army now has the ability to take care of its nation.

The Iraqi military proved that this week when it conducted an airstrike in Northern Iraq that killed Islamic State soldiers.

ISIS Militants Hit.

The strike was carried out on Wednesday in the northern Baghdad region of Iraq, Iraqi News reported.

It was directed at three ISIS militants, two of whom were killed in the attack.

“Depending on accurate information gathered by the intelligence, security troops managed to follow three gunmen in al-Baghdadi region, north of Baghdad,” Baghdad Operations Command said in a statement.

“An airstrike was then launched killing two militants and leaving the third, who ran away, wounded,” it said.

Thousands of ISIS soldiers have been killed since the assault against them began by the Iraqi government in Oct. 2016, but they have had a helping hand.

President Trump Effect.

Before President Donald Trump was elected, ISIS had developed significant strongholds in Iraq.

ISIS found Iraq to be a welcoming landscape after its President, Saddam Hussein, was deposed during former President George W. Bush’s administration.

During the administration of former President Obama, many of the gains of the Bush administration were squandered. Chief among them was the loss of the key city of Mosul.

Mosul was liberated again in July 2017, mere months after President Trump was inaugurated.

“I want to thank General Mattis for doing such a great job with respect to ISIS,” the president said at a meeting of his Cabinet in Dec. 2017. “He’s knocked the hell out of them. Of course, I’ve made it possible with what I’ve let you do.”

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No, President Trump does not deserve all of the credit, but he does deserve a ton of it, considering much of it is directly related to his changing of the rules of engagement.

American and Iraqi forces have decimated ISIS and the world owes a thanks to President Trump for it.

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