Iraq blames Israel for weapons depot explosion

On Wednesday, there was a massive explosion at an Iraqi weapons depot.

According to Iraqi officials, this was due to an airstrike conducted by Israel conducted with the blessing of the United States.

Satellite Images: Airstrike ‘Probable”

Israel has not acknowledged any airstrike thus far. However, Iraqi officials stated that satellite imagery shows that it was most likely an airstrike that was behind the explosions.

Officials are also blaming Israel for the attack. According to reports, Iraq believes Israel is targeting locations with Iranian forces at the behest of the United States.

An unnamed security source told a Saudi newspaper, “It is clear that we are in the midst of a real battle between Israel and the United States against Iran and its allies in Iraq.

“It is clear that the two sides chose Iraq to be the place for their unannounced battle.”

There is a video of the alleged attack on social media. The camera was turned on after the strike had already started and there were smoke plumes coming from the depot. However, several seconds into the video, you can hear what appears to be either a plane or a missile passing overhead.

American Drones Did It

Contrary to what the Iraqi defense sources are telling the media, a spokesman for the Federal Police and the Popular Mobilization Forces is blaming the attack on the United States.

Adel al-Karawi stated, “the data regarding a fire breaking out at the Saqr base, near the al-Dura area south of Baghdad, indicates the base was subject to a bombardment by an American [drone] carrying missiles.”

Clearly, even though these reports vary somewhat, the common underlying theme is that the United States is responsible for these attacks. Iraq will no doubt use this to up the tensions that already exist in the area.

Currently, the United States has stepped up its presence in the Persian Gulf over the elevated tensions with Iran.

However, Secretary of State Pompeo has been adamant he wants Iran to come to the bargaining table rather than have this escalate into a full-scale conflict. If Iraq now adds to these tensions, Trump will truly have his foreign policies tested.

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