Report: Iraq calls alleged Israeli airstrike a ‘declaration of war’

Several days ago, Iranian officials stated there was an attack on an ammunition depot in Iraq that belonged to a militia force (Popular Mobilization Forces – PMF) loyal to Iran.

While Israel has not taken credit for the attack, Iraq is blaming Israel and even considering the attack a formal declaration of war.

Middle East Tensions

As tensions rise between the United States, Iran and Iraq, it is really not much of a surprise to see Israel get dragged into the mix.

Iraq would not dare take on the United States directly, but going after a weaker ally is well within their purview.

The difficulties between Iraq and Israel have escalated considerably in recent months, with numerous airstrikes being conducted by both sides.

The Latest Airstrike

The strike against the ammunition depot was all over social media. While the videos did not make it clear where the attack came from, a missile could be heard soaring overhead seconds before an explosion at the ammunition depot, which was apparently already on fire.

After the blast, it was reported that one person was killed and numerous others injured. There is much speculation among experts this may have been Israel conducting a strike on behalf of the United States.

Because the munitions depot belonged to an Iranian-backed militia, the United States would definitely have had in interest in these facilities.

However, the reaction by Iran seems to be excessive, considering the activities that have been taking place between these two countries for some time.

Ahmed Asadi, a PMF official and Iraqi lawmaker, stated, “Israel’s intervention into the sphere of our national interests is a declaration of war against Iraq, its people, sovereignty.”

He would go on to say that measures must be taken at both the local and international levels to protect their interests. He further stated that it may be time for a blatantly open response to the aggression by Israel.

Again, though, Israel has not laid claim to this attack. At this point, it is nothing more than an accusation against Israel by Iraq and Iran, and neither PM Netanyahu or Secretary of State Pompeo have commented on the allegations from Asadi.

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