Iranian vice president diagnosed with coronavirus

According to Iranian state-run media, the nation’s vice president for women and family affairs has been confirmed to be infected with the coronavirus.

The news broke on Thursday that Vice President Masoumeh Ebtekar was quarantined after being diagnosed with the highly infectious virus. Ebtekar was Iran’s deputy for women’s affairs and the highest-ranked woman in the government.

Her position brought her into close contact with nearly every high ranking member of Iran’s government.

Coronavirus is a real threat

This latest high profile infection further proves that coronavirus is a real threat to all nations around the world.

According to reports, the day before Ebteker was diagnosed, she had been in close contact with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

Days prior, the country’s deputy health minister announced he had also been infected. The coronavirus has achieved a serious foothold in the Middle East now.

More concerning is the number of reported dead in Iran. Some reports allege that at least 210 have died from the virus so far.

Those numbers are being contested by the Iranian government, which is saying only 34 have died. It is safe to say the number is more likely to be somewhere in the middle.

If China showed the world anything, it’s that governments cannot be trusted to be completely honest about the spread of disease.

Major disruptions

The infection of Iranian leadership demonstrates that Iran is seriously compromised. The rest of the Middle East is seriously at risk as a result.

Entire countries could be completely destabilized by this virus and even the U.S. is facing a major threat.

The CDC is warning of major disruptions to normal life. Americans need to prepare for the worst, even if the worst may never come. Coronavirus isn’t going to go away without major action.

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