Report: Iranian-backed rebels shoot down US drone over Yemen

On Tuesday, the United States reportedly lost another drone.

A U.S. MQ-9 drone was shot down over Yemen, and the United States is putting the blame on Iran.

Rising Tensions

The situation between the United States and Iran is already testy, to put it mildly, with a U.S. drone having already been downed several weeks ago.

Additionally, U.S. Navy ships have been hassled regularly by the Iranians.

After allied tankers were captured in recent weeks, the U.S. sent extra resources to the Persian Gulf to be ready in case things escalated further.

While the United States has clearly tried to tamp down the situation in the Middle East, Iran seems anxious to take it up a notch.

A U.S. spokesman left little to the imagination after this recent drone downing as to where the blame rests.

CENTCOM spokesman Lt. Col. Earl Brown stated, “We have been clear that Iran’s provocative actions and support to militant and proxies, like the Iranian-backed Houthis, poses a serious threat to stability in the region and our partners.”

Deny, Deny, Deny

The Houthi rebels responsible for carrying out the attack have stated that Iran had nothing to with supplying the missile used to down the drone.

According to their statement, the missile was developed locally.

Thus far, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been steadfast in his insistence that he is willing to sit down “without preconditions” with Iran to negotiate.

Iran, however, believes this to be an untrue statement and has regrettably refused to come to the table.

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