Iran surpasses nuclear stockpile limitations

Iranian leadership continues its effort to lure the United States into a confrontation.

It was recently discovered that in yet another act of hostility towards the U.S., Iran has surpassed its agreed-upon threshold of accumulating no more than 660 pounds of low-enriched uranium. 

Agreement Violation

Iran is no longer beholden to the terms of the 2015 deal it made with President Barack Obama. However, even though Trump tossed the agreement in the shredder, there are still several EU countries involved in the agreement with Iran.

One of the reasons Trump stated he was pulling out of the deal was because Iran was reportedly already in violation of the agreement.

These latest reports state that Iran is, in fact, over the stated threshold, but that Iran has also not yet accumulated enough uranium to build nuclear weapons. To this point, Iran has refused to back down.

Additionally, Iranian leadership stated it will not come back to the bargaining table unless the U.S. reinstates the 2015 agreement and loosens up current sanctions.

Getting Itchy

Iran is getting more and more belligerent every day. The country recently attacked oil tankers and even downed a U.S. drone.

The latter attack forced Trump into a situation where he would have to either respond with a strike of his own or put even more of a stranglehold on Iran’s economy.

Trump chose to implement more sanctions rather than risk loss of life. If Iran decides to continue going after our military and tankers, there is little doubt Trump will unleash the full capabilities of our military against them.

Trump has even stated he will go in for the quick kill, literally trying to obliterate Iran from the map if this turns into a military conflict.

If Iran wants to continue to exist, the wise decision would be to stop posturing, stop enriching uranium, and to come to the table in good faith.

Otherwise, it is only a matter of time before this powder keg blows up in Iran’s face.

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