Iran seizes third oil tanker in Persian Gulf

Iran has reportedly seized its third oil tanker.

While little information is known about the ship, according to Iran, the seized ship was carrying 185,000 gallons of “smuggled” fuel.

The Strait of Hormuz

Sanctions against Iran are crippling its economy as well as blocking it from getting the necessary supplies its needs. Apparently, Iran had decided to just take what it needs to offset what they are unable to import.

The seizure happened on Wednesday, according to a Fox News report.

General Ramazan Zirahi of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, stated, “This foreign vessel had received the fuel from other ships and was transferring it to Persian Gulf Arab states.”

The ship was seized near Farsi Island almost dead in the middle between Saudi Arabia and Iran, just north of the Strait of Hormuz. This waterway is the same location where Iran seized the previous two tankers.

No Information

While Iran is boasting of the seizure, U.S. authorities have no information on the ship or the seizure at this time.

As such, they were unable to confirm the reports from Iran authorities. This event, conveniently, took place on the same day that President Trump upped U.S. sanctions against Iran.

While U.S. diplomats have urged Iran to come to the bargaining table, Iran has refused, choosing to spout anti-U.S. rhetoric instead.

On top of these seizures, Iran has also had several other run-ins with the United States. Iran has reportedly shot down a U.S. drone, in addition to harassing Navy vessels in the area.

These tensions have given Democrats fodder to use against Trump, with allegations of the president wanting to start a war with Iran.

All of this is happening while Trump bends over backward to avoid another devastating war in the Middle East.

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