Iran finally admits it shot down the Ukrainian passenger airliner, blames ‘human error’

Under increasing international pressure, Iran has finally owned up to what the rest of the world already knew.

On Saturday, Iran admitted it was responsible for ordering the missile strike that downed the Ukrainian airliner carrying 176 souls on board earlier this week. Iranian officials said that the strike was due to “human error.”

Tragedy in the air

For some reason, Iran did not close off the air space when it was carrying out its strike against the military base in Iraq holding U.S. troops on Tuesday. This is the general protocol when an air attack is being conducted to ensure commercial air traffic is not put at risk.

Initially, there were reports of either mechanical or human error as the cause of the crash from Iran.

Not long after the plane went down early Wednesday morning, several countries were able to check their satellite imagery and were able to prove that almost immediately after takeoff, the plane was struck with a missile.

After repeatedly denying it, Iran finally had to admit responsibility for the downing of the plane.

The thing nobody seems to be looking at, however, is the fact the airliner was shot down roughly three hours after the actual attack against the U.S. military base in Iraq. This was no mistake. It looks more and more like Iran was hoping to escalate the conflict with the U.S. with this strike.

Where is the accountability

Trump played politics over the downed jet, stating that someone probably made a “mistake,” and refusing to cast blame on any one party.

It was clearly a tempered response by Trump so as not to flare up tensions again, but there is no mistaking the fact Iran has some accountability issues to which the country needs to be held.

For one, there were about five dozen passengers on that plane from Canada. Canada’s press pool and even its Prime Minister were looking to place the blame on Trump over this tragedy.

It has also become a hot topic among Democrats, with several of them placing the blame on Trump. Taking all that into consideration, Trump’s response was surprisingly quiet.

The mainstream media has yet to really attack this issue, which, quite frankly, is disgusting. Trump takes out a terrorist, and the liberal horde is appalled. A terrorist regime downs a passenger airplane carrying dozens of innocents, and we hear nothing but crickets.

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