Iowa poll shows Biden approval rate dip well below 50% as numbers crater nationwide

The latest evidence that President Joe Biden’s agenda is not resonating with millions of Americans nationwide comes from a new Iowa poll.

More than half of the respondents said they disapprove of the Biden administration. Specifically, 52% disapprove while just 43% approve.

A troubling trend

Vice President Kamala Harris fared about the same, with approval from 43% of those polled and disapproval from 50%.

Iowa represents an important battleground state and Democratic leaders are likely to find polling results like these especially disheartening.

The president’s approval ratings have been sagging elsewhere across the U.S. and his administration is showing serious signs of political trouble even after just six months.

National surveys find that Biden’s numbers have dropped below 50%, representing a six-point drop between April and May. It remains to be seen if the increasingly unpopular president will drag the rest of his party down in next year’s midterm elections.

The president is facing polling results worse than most of his predecessors, and his recent trip to Europe seemed to exacerbate the situation.

Perception is key

Critics have accused him of appearing weak on the international stage and that perception might have further eroded the confidence of some Americans in his abilities as commander in chief.

The president must be decisive and strong enough to take on China, Russia, and other nations in a convincing manner. As a result of his bilateral meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Biden is being portrayed by some detractors as a frail, old man.

In order to reverse the troubling trend for his administration, the president will likely need to stage something spectacular, and soon. His first six months in office seem to have passed in an instant, and Democrats only have a matter of months left to advance their agenda before Congress is sidelined for election season.

Biden’s performance could end up costing his own party seats in both the House of Representatives and Senate. The odds were already in the GOP’s favor given historical trends, and the president’s pitiful polling results only make it less likely that Democrats retain control on Capitol Hill.

If the Democratic Party suffers a devastating political defeat in the upcoming midterms, the largely unpopular president will arguably bear much of the blame.

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