Iowa Democratic Party chairman to resign in wake of caucus debacle

At least one prominent political functionary has stepped up to take responsibility for the chaos that plagued the Iowa caucuses earlier this month.

According to the Des Moines Register, Iowa Democratic Party Chairman Troy Price announced his resignation on Wednesday.

“While it is my desire to stay in this role and see this process through to completion, I do believe it is time for the Iowa Democratic Party to begin looking forward, and my presence in my current role makes that more difficult,” he wrote in his resignation letter. “Therefore, I will resign as chair of the Iowa Democratic Party effective upon the election of my replacement.”

Price reflects

The resignation comes roughly a week after the disaster that took place during the Iowa caucuses when an app that was supposed to collect results more efficiently failed in spectacular fashion.

The Register interviewed Price about what happened, asking whether there were any warning signs in advance of the big day.

“I believed that we were in a good spot,” he responded. “(I believed that) we were prepared. And we had worked closely with our partners — not just us, but with the DNC and with our tech partners — to make sure we were in a good spot. And I felt that we were.”

Perhaps that is true. But, what ultimately unfolded would suggest that his confidence was misplaced.

Still cleaning up

Here we are, well over a week later, and though the New Hampshire primary is in the books, the Iowa caucus results are still subject to a recanvassing process, according to The Hill.

It appears that former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg managed a narrow defeat of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), but we still don’t know for sure. The recanvass is reportedly set to commence on Sunday.

According to Price, “whoever is elected [to replace him] will oversee the completion of the recanvass and recount process and begin the process of healing our party.”

It’s about time

In the wake of Price’s resignation, some might wonder what took the party leader so long to step aside.

The Iowa caucus was certainly an inauspicious start to the 2020 cycle for a Democratic Party that is likely going to have an uphill battle against President Donald Trump this November. People in party leadership positions need to be held accountable in order for voters to have faith in the integrity of the process. Price was the first to go, and time will tell if others follow suit.

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