Investigators foil alleged plot to assassinate Joe Biden: Reports

Earlier this month, federal investigators say they interrupted a plot to kidnap Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and overthrow the state’s government.

In a statement this week, new information surfaced about one North Carolina man’s alleged plan to assassinate Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden as part of a mass shooting during the upcoming holiday season, as reported by The Hill.

Mounting evidence

The case involves 19-year-old Alexander Hillel Treisman, who was indicted last month on charges related to possession of child pornography.

Upon further investigation, however, authorities reportedly discovered details about his alleged plot to kill Biden.

In addition to being in possession of various firearms, including a recently purchased AR-15 rifle, federal investigators say Treisman made alarming social media references to guns and violence, according to The Hill. His digital footprint also allegedly included references to child sex abuse and searches related to the location of the former vice president’s residence.

Treisman allegedly went so far as to arrive at a fast-food restaurant just a few miles from Biden’s home with the rifle.

The suspect had a written checklist including a final entry simply labeled “execute,” investigators claim.

“An interest in terrorist incidents”

Much of the evidence came from the police search of a van towed away from a bank earlier this year. In addition to hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash identified as Treisman’s inheritance, authorities reportedly found a cache of weapons, explosives, and disturbing images.

Reports cite evidence that he had also settled on an alias and had in his possession multiple forms of identification — including a forged passport from Poland with which he apparently intended to flee the United States.

Upon questioning from law enforcement officers, Treisman reportedly “disclosed he has an interest in terrorist incidents and mass shootings,” according to CNBC.

Despite having no prior criminal record, prosecutors presented “clear and convincing evidence that no combination of available release conditions would reasonably assure the safety of the community,” as evidenced in court records.

Given the deeply contentious nature of this election season, it is important to recognize and celebrate the tireless efforts of police at all levels who vigilantly work to uncover vile plots like the one allegedly hatched by Treisman.

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