Interpol president quits amid Chinese investigation

What was once considered a source of national pride has quickly turned into one of the most puzzling cases of possible corruption.

Interpol President Meng Hongwei is being investigated for violating state laws and accepting bribes — so he has decided to resign from his post. 

A Rising Star

Meng made the decision early that he was going to dedicate his life to law and justice.

After spending several decades in policing and criminal justice, Meng was thrust into the spotlight when he was appointed to the office of Public Security for China in 2004.

During that same time, Meng was appointed to head China’s Interpol branch.

Over the next decade, Meng would also serve as the Deputy Director of the State Oceanic Administration of China and the Director of the China Coast Guard.

When he was elected as the President of Interpol is 2016, the first time someone from China had won that appointment, it was a source of great pride for the Chinese.

It did not take long, though, for Meng’s name to start to surface in scandal accusations.

Shady Accusations

When Meng became the Interpol president, his detractors worried about the appointment.

Meng’s critics believed he may use the position to hunt down opponents of the Chinese government that were living in exile.

And based on recent activity, pundits are speculating he did not deliver as expected and is now meeting his demise.

Meng was reported missing by his wife on Oct. 4, when he was supposed to have been traveling back to China from France.

Interpol officials demanded to know his whereabouts two days later from Chinese officials and were then informed Meng was under investigation by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection on Oct. 7.

That same day, a resignation letter was also sent to Interpol, allegedly from Meng.

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What is not clear is if Meng was forced to resign under duress.

In the meantime, South Korea’s Kim Jong-Yang has been named as acting president, with a new election to be held in November during a meeting held in Dubai to elect his formal replacement.

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