Page: Public interest in Bolton testimony is fading

One of the reasons House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) held on to the articles of impeachment was that she was attempting to gain leverage over Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to ensure that witnesses would be called to testify in the trial.

Initially, there was a lot of excitement among the pro-impeachment crowd when former National Security Adviser John Bolton said he would testify if called. However, Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page has terrible news for Pelosi: public enthusiasm for Bolton’s testimony is dying down. 

Time to move on

To say Nancy Pelosi overplayed her hand would be a bit of an understatement. Had Pelosi forwarded the articles of impeachment immediately after the House floor vote, she might have gotten some good press out of the impeachment.

Instead, her own party is now coming out against her. According to Page, people simply are no longer interested in hearing what Bolton — or any other witnesses, for that matter — have to say.

The country wants to move forward and Americans want to focus on who will face off against Trump in the general election.

“I’ve seen enthusiasm for hearing Bolton’s testimony kind of fade as days go by. Because — and this is kind of a repeat of what we’ve seen before, with the Mueller report, and other investigations that have gone on, that they haven’t resulted in that big jackpot that one side or the other was hoping for,” Page said.

“And so, now people are really looking ahead to Iowa and the primaries.” Watch:

Bad News for Nancy

Not only is interest dying down, but it’s doubtful that Bolton will truly bring anything new to the table other than another secondhand story or his opinion as to what was going on with Ukraine.

Trump has already come forward to say Bolton knows nothing of the actual conversations that took place, so his testimony really will not serve any purpose.

Now, Bolton may have an ax to grind considering how his last days in the administration played out, but the type of testimony given during House hearings — where various officials discussed hearsay and opinions — will more than likely not even be admissible in a Senate trial.

Remember, there is a presiding Justice to rule on process and the Senate members still have the authority to overrule the Justice.

No matter how you paint this picture, it does not look good for Democrats and as Page stated, it would appear that most of America is simply ready to move on and put this fiasco behind us.

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