Institute launches campaign to get rid of OTHER race-based laws

July 16, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Now that the Supreme Court has ruled race-based admissions standards for colleges are unconstitutional, an organization in Wisconsin has decided the other race-based programs in that state need to go.

The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty has announced a new legislative roadmap that sets a path toward "colorblind" policies in that state – and across America.

"The Constitution demands equal treatment for all," said Rick Esenberg, WILL general counsel. "Today represents just the first step – our work provides not only a model for Wisconsin but for the entire country."

"Too many laws and programs exclude or prioritize citizens based on race," noted Dan Lennington, deputy counsel for the organization. "This must end. The ‘Equality for All Agenda’ provides a roadmap for legislators to ensure that our laws are colorblind and that no citizen’s race is a disadvantage."

The institute said its campaign calls for the repeal of all race-based laws and programs.

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