Trump, Bolton ‘did not always see eye-to-eye’ on diplomacy, O’Brien says

While there was a time when former National Security Advisor John Bolton and President Donald Trump were on the same page, that time did not last long.

Those rumors were confirmed by the current White House national security adviser Robert O’Brien, who revealed that the two “did not always see eye-to-eye on how to conduct American diplomacy.”

Two different worlds

The idea of having John Bolton in President Trump’s cabinet was a comfort to politicians on both the left and the right. The left, of course, would not admit this until after Bolton was removed from his position.

Bolton was an experienced diplomat, but he is also regarded as a bit of a warmonger, so it was not necessarily a surprise to see them part ways.

At the front of the feud between Trump and Bolton were Venezuela, Iran, and North Korea.

The final straw

The rift between Trump and Bolton, while having numerous factors, was widely believed to have hit its worst over North Korea.

Trump has been working diligently since his first day in office to denuclearize the Korean peninsula. President Trump still believes that he can work out a deal in which North Korea would give up its nukes.

Bolton, on the other hand, believed that a denuclearization deal was simply never going to happen.

Bolton seemed to believe that Kim Jong-un was using that as a way to lure Trump into other concessions while never really having the intention of giving up his nuclear weapons.

The animosity between Trump and Bolton hit rather high levels towards the end. According to numerous reports, towards the end, Bolton was being snubbed for meetings and was not even receiving briefs.

Once it was revealed that Bolton had been effectively shut out, he resigned and took his grievances straight to the media. Both he and Trump traded jabs, but that had died down considerably since the initial turnover.

O’Brien stated that even after Bolton’s rough ouster from office, President Trump still has a “high degree of respect” for Bolton.

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