Insider spills anti-Semitic truth about DEI agenda

October 28, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

An insider in the DEI industry, those who promote the "diversity, equity, and inclusion" ideology in America, is spilling the truth about the campaign.

It is in a report in the Washington Stand that Tabia Lee, who spent decades working in education, talked about her term as the DEI director at De Anza Community College in California.

While the apparent goal was for her to provide "equity, social justice, and academic success for all members," she said, it actually focused on watching "blatant" anti-Semitism and the revelation that "all" doesn't mean "all" students.

In a writing in the New York Post, she charged, "I made the mistake of trying to create an authentically inclusive learning environment for everyone, including Jewish students."

She quickly learned. "I can safely say that toxic DEI ideology deliberately stokes hatred toward Israel and the Jewish people," she said.

At first, as DEI chief, several Jewish students approached her and complained about the "anti-Semitic" environment on campus.

"Assuming her role, she attempted to bring inclusion for Jewish students by inviting Jewish speakers to campus," the report explained, only to have those plans "quickly shut down by the institution."

She was told not to raise issues of "Jewish inclusion" or anti-Semitism."

She eventually was labeled "dirty Zionist," she explained and lost her job.

"I have never encountered a more hostile environment toward the members of any racial, ethnic, or religious group. I was astounded, but I shouldn’t have been," she said, according to the Stand.

The "rhetoric" wasn't the end result, however, she noted.

"When you stoke that kind of division and anger, you unleash fires you can’t control," she explained.

"[S]ome people approach the idea of diversity, equity, and inclusion with integrity," explained Joseph Backholm, of the Center for Biblical Worldview and Strategic Engagement at the Family Research Council.

He suggested Lee is an example, and approached her responsibilities "from a place of genuine respect for human rights and human dignity, regardless of who you are."

But that's not universal in the DEI industry, he pointed out.

Some players, he said, "use the language of inclusion to gain their own kind of cultural dominance so they can assert their will over people they’ve decided don’t deserve the respect of toleration."

David Closson, also of the Center for Biblical Worldview, said, "Under a Judeo-Christian understanding of morality, rape, arson, looting, and sending rockets into schools is always morally wrong. [But] under a critical theory understanding of morality, we can’t know if a particular action is right or wrong until we know who did it and why."

That's why people sympathize with Hamas terror, and DEI offices end up being "centers of racism and bigotry toward Jews."

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