Friend of Trump reveals president’s religious side

President Donald Trump has been called a lot of things, but fervently religious is generally not one of them.

However, Paula White-Cain, a personal pastor who has had a relationship with Trump for almost two decades, has now said Trump once asked her to build a “crystal cathedral for God,” according to the Daily Caller.

Not Talking the Talk

Religion is often injected into politics to score points. Hillary Clinton conveniently quotes scripture often, a skill she undoubtedly learned from her husband.

We have also heard Nancy Pelosi invoke scripture readings when it is convenient. For most politicians, though, this is all show — especially on the Democrat side.

But for some politicians, their faith is honest and deeply rooted in their everyday life. Vice President Mike Pence is one of these. If anything, Pence is criticized for being “too” Christian.

Trump, however, has never really been one to bring religion into the office, which has made many people believe that when he does invoke God’s name, it is purely for show.

Trump’s Big Secret

Well, as it turns out, Trump has always had a religious side.

In 2006, according to White-Cain, Trump had asked her to head up a project to build a crystal cathedral.

She claims Trump told her: “He wanted to build a house of God. He said, ‘Let’s do this. Let’s build this before we’re too old.’”

White-Cain also stated that Trump, unlike some of his predecessors, does not speak “Christian-ese,” but do not let that fool you about his faith.

She also stated that after Trump informed her he was going to run for president, he wanted to “intensify” prayers to realize his dream.

So while most Democrats continue to shame Trump as a Nazi, a racist, and a sexist, it turns out the man has had a deeply rooted faith for years — he just doesn’t need to showcase it and fake it as many Democrats do.

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