Laura Ingraham convicted of stealing when she was 19

Liberals are digging into a major Fox News personality’s past and they came up with some dirt.

The Smoking Gun recently released a report that Laura Ingraham was arrested and convicted of theft… at the age of 19.

The Crime

Ingraham was reportedly arrested in New Hampshire, where she went to Dartmouth University, in 1983.

At the time, she was 19-years-old.

She entered a no contest plea.

Ingraham was then sentenced to a conditional discharge and a fine of $200.

The conditional discharge means the charges will be expunged in a specific time period, assuming the convicted abides by the stipulations given by the judge in the case.

Our best guess is that she was doing something stupid with friends and got caught.

At that age, perhaps she was pledging a sorority and doing a prank of some sort, who knows.

Here We Go Again…

What is about to happen is more liberal hypocrisy.

Let’s wind the clock back to group of basketball players being arrested in China for shoplifting.

One of them was a rather high-profile personality due mostly to his father’s media presence.

President Trump worked with China to have the kids released.

Most people were outraged due the nature of the crime, which happened to be shoplifting.

The entire incident was written off by most people as kids simply being kids and doing something stupid.

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Now, though, because Ingraham is a conservative, liberals are going to try to use this to tear down her career.

Funny how liberals want to give murderers and drug dealers a second chance, but not a 19-year-old kid that did something stupid.

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