Laura Ingraham says Trump should shut down the government to get wall funding

President Donald Trump has said he’s willing to shut down the federal government if Democrats aren’t willing to fund his infamous border wall — and Fox’s Laura Ingraham is on his side.

Ingraham expressed her support for Trump’s decision on Monday, exclaiming: “Bring on the shutdown!”

Not Working Anyway

When Trump was campaigning in 2015 and 2016, his border wall was one of his prime promises.

Indeed, his promise of building a wall at the U.S.-Mexico border played a huge part in him being elected president.

Not delivering on this promise could doom his 2020 campaign — even if it’s not his fault that it doesn’t get passed.

And Democrats know this.

But so does Trump, which is why he is taking a much harder stance and threatening to shut down the government if he cannot get the $5 billion he wants to pay for the wall construction.

Up until this point, every step of this process, Trump has been blocked — and not just by Democrats.

Republicans like outgoing Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake have been a major obstacle in his way.

With a full two years of a Republican House and Senate, what have our representatives actually done?

Ingraham addressed this on Monday, saying: “For all the bluster and the worry about a government shutdown, we all should realize one thing: with the exception of tax reform, which, frankly, could have been a lot better, and VA [Veterans’ Affairs] reform, which was good and needed, the government has essentially been shut down.”

Time for Action

Still, President Trump has not been shy about the fact he is willing to go to the mat over this one.

While there have been rumblings he may cave and take the $1.3 billion on the table from Dems, most of his supporters are hoping he stands tall and goes for the shutdown (which, by the way, would only be a partial shutdown — despite what Dems have been saying, funding for roughly 75 percent of the federal government has already been approved).

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We can’t say we aren’t rooting for you, Mr. Trump.

Build that wall!

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