Fox’s Laura Ingraham expresses support for President Trump’s latest border deal

In an effort to wrap up the stalemated negotiations on border security funding and end the ongoing partial government shutdown, President Donald Trump delivered a brief statement on Saturday to offer up a deal to Democrats that, in theory, should be difficult for them to turn down.

But while it was believed that some immigration reform hardliners in the president’s base would be outraged at the suggested compromise, there was at least one prominent supporter of the president who expressed her support for the compromise: Fox host Laura Ingraham.

The president’s proposal

After explaining yet again the “humanitarian and national security crisis” at the southern border, Trump reiterated his border security funding requests, which include $5.7 billion for border wall construction, in his statement on Saturday.

But the president threw in a few sweeteners for Democrats this time, “in order to build the trust and goodwill necessary” to reach a deal, he said.

These included additional protections for unaccompanied minors who’ve illegally entered the country, a three-year extension of the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, and a three-year extension of the Temporary Protected Status program, which shields some otherwise deportable illegal aliens from deportation while they remain in the country.

Unsurprisingly, Democratic leaders like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) immediately called the proposal a “non-starter.”

Still, it will be interesting to see if enough rank-and-file Democrats will reach across the aisle over the coming days to agree on the compromise and end the government shutdown.

Ingraham signals support

Meanwhile, while some immigration hardliners like Ann Coulter reflexively dismissed the proposal as well for being a form of unacceptable “amnesty” — it isn’t, as no illegals are granted citizenship and extended protections remain temporary in this proposal — others like Ingraham offered up their support for the good faith gesture from Trump.

Ingraham tweeted:

That Saturday message of acceptance is a far cry from where Ingraham was on the same issue little more than one year ago, when she tweeted a message more in line with Coulter’s hardline stance.

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Of course, in any compromise, there will be those who are unhappy with certain aspects of the proposed deal, but the pragmatic among us know that sometimes you have to give a little to get what you really need.

Trump has offered to give Democrats a few things they’ve long been demanding in exchange for his requested border wall funding. Now, it’s up to the Dems to decide if they think opening the government is important enough to give in a little.

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