Fox News’ Laura Ingraham says Scott Pruitt is ‘the swamp’

When Trump was running for president, he vowed to drain the Washington swamp.

Now, Fox News star Laura Ingraham is demanding he drain a member of the swamp from his own administration: EPA chief Scott Pruitt.

Ingraham’s Case

Trump appointed Pruitt to the Environmental Protection Agency position, and he was confirmed in February 2017.

Since that time, he has found himself the subject of roughly a dozen investigations.

Pruitt seems to have a problem being fiscally responsible with taxpayer money.

Pruitt’s most recent problems, however, have been deemed a blatant abuse of his office.

Now, in addition to liberals, he has hardlined conservatives — Ingraham among them — demanding Trump send him on his way.

Abusing His Power

The current scandal involves both office personnel, as well as major donors.

Pruitt allegedly enlisted a top aide, as well as several Republican donors, to find some work for his wife.

One donor, Doug Deason, really turned some heads.

Deason has significant holdings in oil and gas industries — not exactly the type of person anyone wants the head of the EPA to be indebted to.

Just a few days ago, another report was published stating Pruitt reached out to Chick-Fil-A in an attempt to get his wife her own franchise.

To this point, the president has fully supported Pruitt, recently stating: “Scott Pruitt is doing a great job within the walls of the [EPA]. I mean, we’re setting records.”

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The optics on this, however, are very bad — something that could come back to haunt Trump in a re-election bid.

We’ll just have to wait and see how this plays out.

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