Laura Ingraham explains why Hillary Clinton may enter 2020 race

There have long been rumors that failed 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton would interject herself into the 2020 field of candidates and make another run for the presidency, and as Clinton herself has declined to thoroughly dismiss those rumors, the possibility has seemingly grown more likely in recent weeks.

That was noted by Fox News host Laura Ingraham, who spent several moments during her program on Wednesday discussing the notion of another Clinton versus Trump matchup — and looking back on her previous predictions.

“Hillary 2.0” could happen

In the segment titled “Heeere’s Hillary,” Ingraham explained how the combination of the weak field of Democratic candidates and Clinton’s undeniable arrogance and persistence, among other factors, could ultimately make her the “stronger candidate” for Democrats to choose to take on President Donald Trump.

“Just a few months ago, I dismissed the idea of Hillary 2.0 kind of out of hand. She wouldn’t be that arrogant and ungracious toward the current field. No way,” Ingraham said. “But then the weakness of the Democrats’ slate surprised even me. Nothing’s working.

“The walking, talking gaffe-a-matic machine known as Joe Biden may have dropped in the polls for a few weeks, but now he’s back on top. And what seems to be the grudging recognition that the other top candidates — Warren and Sanders — are just not going to cut it in key battleground states where common sense still means something,” she continued, noting that virtually everyone likely agreed that Clinton was a stronger candidate than “goofball Biden.”

Well-positioned to run

Ingraham proceeded to suggest that if the Democrat Party’s base of voters weren’t thrilled with any of the already announced candidates, they’d be foolish not to consider Clinton, who already had quite a bit going for her in terms of an established machine.

“She has instant name recognition, a massive fundraising apparatus that could be reactivated, and her old campaign team would quickly reconstitute,” Ingraham said, adding that a Clinton candidacy would likely also pick off some of the best and brightest campaign staffers from other candidates.

She also noted that Clinton, having already run against Trump previously, would have more experience in dealing with him than any of the others in the field — virtually all of whom have largely held their tongues with regard to Clinton’s recent public remarks inserting herself into the political conversation.

Curse of the sequel

Ingraham further imagined what a conversation would be like between Clinton and political consultants trying to convince her of a near-assured victory if she entered the race, not to mention the “instant and hearty” support Clinton would undoubtedly receive from the Trump-hating “deep state” bureaucracy that has been at odds with the president since he took office.

“So there you have it, a combination of Hillary’s pride, her desire for revenge, a weak Democratic field, and a consultancy class that can sell sand in the desert may be pointing us toward another Trump-Clinton face-off,” Ingraham said.

“Of course, Hillary is smart enough to know that the only thing worse than losing once to Donald Trump would be losing twice to him. And that, too, is a distinct possibility,” she added.

Ingraham closed the segment by noting that most movie sequels tend to be worse than the works that came before them and surmised that a Clinton sequel would also most likely fail to surpass the results of the original campaign. For Trump supporters, that means only one thing — run, Hillary, run!

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