Fox’s Laura Ingraham: State officials who defy election laws ‘have to go to jail’

Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham has had enough of rogue election officials breaking rules and defying constitutionally-mandated procedures to give their favored candidates an edge. She believes it’s time for federal authorities to get involved.

“If necessary, people are going to have to go to jail,” Ingraham said on her hit Fox program, The Ingraham Angle.

Watch her harrowing speech below:

Fed up

Ingraham’s patience has expired for Democratic election officials in Florida who have played “fast and loose” with election results since polling places closed on Nov. 6.

“Let’s examine the facts,” she said, pointing to candidates who have sued county election officials in Broward and Palm Beach counties, and outlining how Susan Bucher of the latter precinct “illegally withheld” suspicious ballots from the state canvassing board.

Much of Ingraham’s wrath was reserved for Broward County Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes, who she called “kind of her own rock star these days.”

The Fox host explained:

Now, Snipes is a piece of work. Her predecessor was literally walked out of her office in 2003 for a grave and neglect mismanagement and incompetence. Practically a tradition down there in Broward. And in May, a judge found Brenda Snipes guilty of illegally destroying ballots during a primary election in 2016.

“Then in August, a court found her guilty of secretly opening mail-in ballots, which is illegal in her state,” Ingraham continued. “Then on Friday, Governor Scott won his lawsuit against Snipes. The court found that in this election, she continued to ‘discover’ new ballots. She was found in violation of the state’s public records law and has been ordered to release information to Governor Scott. So far, she hasn’t complied with the order.”

“A complete travesty”

“My friends, this is a complete travesty that cannot be permitted to change the outcome of this election,” Ingraham insisted before offering her solution to the problem. “We cannot allow this flouting of the rules and procedures by corrupt officials or political hacks.”

The Fox host went on to allege that “if we allow this to go unchecked, it will undermine our democracy, and like a contagion, it’s going to spread across the nation.”

Simply put, Ingraham wants the federal government to intervene and police these local officials, and even called on the Department of Justice to “step in and do a top-to-bottom investigation regarding why these issues still persist.” These actions would supplement the numerous civil suits filed against Snipes and Bucher, as well as a criminal probe from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

“And if necessary, people are going to have to go to jail,” Ingraham said. “There [have] to be repercussions for willful fraudulent defiance of electoral laws.”

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Ingraham also warned that there may be consequences for inaction come 2020, when President Donald Trump will seek re-election against a defiant Democratic Party.

“If this isn’t cleaned up,” she said, “I’m telling you, the GOP can kiss any hopes of restoring their majority, let alone a presidential victory — well, they can kiss it bye-bye in 2020.”

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