Fox News’ Laura Ingraham calls anonymous allegation against Cory Booker ‘a smear’

Last weekend, a rather bizarre allegation was made against Democratic Senator Cory Booker (NJ) that had people asking a lot of questions.

Laura Ingraham, a major Fox News personality, said Monday that she thinks the allegations are nothing more than “a smear” against the Democrat senator.

Hard to Believe

Most would have to admit the allegation made against Booker were pretty far-fetched.

The allegation was anonymous, which automatically starts to raise some flags.

According to the allegation, Booker made unwanted sexual advances against a gay man in a bathroom in 2014.

Now, if publications were critical of the random and uncorroborated accusations against Judge Kavanaugh, that same scrutiny should be held up against this accusation, which is exactly what Ingraham did.

“I don’t like it when people do this kind of stuff,” Ingraham stated. “I believe it is a smear. I mean, if you’re going to make an accusation — this is a supposedly a man making an accusation that something happened in a bathroom — if you’re going to make that kind of accusation you better put your name to it.”

Hold Judgement

“I don’t like anonymous allegations. We actually think everyone should wait for the details to come in before we say something like this, right?” Ingraham said.

This is actually an opportunity for conservatives to take the high road.

There could actually be no better person for this purpose than Cory Booker.

During the entire SCOTUS nomination debacle, Booker was one of the most vocal supporters of the women making allegations against nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

He was later made to look like a fool when none of the allegations could be verified.

“Cory Booker said we should believe all victims, whether they’re anonymous or identified. But does he really want to live by that standard?” Ingraham asked.

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Had Republicans jumped all over this allegation, there is a very good chance they would have looked just as foolish as Booker and the rest of his Democrat buddies.

Instead, Republicans now have something to point to not only for Democrats but also to voters, about the importance of waiting until the facts are in before leaping to judgment.

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